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These are the four parts of your mouth - the upper left, the upper right, the lower left, and the lower right. The quadrant is the basis for charting and tooth recognition.
The General Dental Council maintains a Register of all those who can legally practice dentistry in the UK. To be licensed to practice dentistry requires a qualification from a recognised body. Examples include the Royal College of Surgeons (a licence in dental surgery - LDS) or a University Degree (bachelor of dental surgery - BDS). Higher or post graduate qualifications can be taken in order to be recognised as a specialist.
A period of isolation to prevent the spread of a contagious infection. Special isolation units are sometimes necessary to prevent epidemics of serious diseases infecting large numbers of the population.
An abscess of the tonsils making it very difficult to swallow. It is extremely painful and is accompanied by a high temperature. Responds quickly to antibiotics.